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A Message To You Rudy

  I got the catering job for Friday.  I get $15 an hour for Friday and if the woman likes me then I'll get more jobs at $20 an hour.  Hopefully she does because then I could actually make some money this summer and do something.  It will be nice to actually make some money again. 

  I went for a run yesterday.  I haven't run in months and I was able to do three miles.  I know that's not a lot but I was stoaked that I could do it.  I think I will go again today.

  My family and my cousin are going to the Giants game tonight with tickets we got from my uncle and the seats are amazing.  Like seriously we're a handful of rows back from the field.  I need to bring my glove because apparently line drives are hit to these seats all of the time.  I also get to see rookie phenom Tim Lincecum pitch.  The guy is 22 but looks like he is seriously 16.  I love it.

  I like how when I get sad I withdraw into my comfort zone:  bass playing, buy comic books, and playing video games.   I need to be more social but honestly I have very few friends within my local area.  This could potentially be a REALLY long summer.

  It's really hot right now (like 90's).  I am having trouble sleeping.  I have to go baby sit my fucking cat while me mom cleans her bathroom.
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