Ian (lumpyjoe) wrote,

I Am Scared For the Youth of America

I got the job at CVHS teaching English. I was hired yesterday and start on Tuesday. I am teaching two classes of Sophomore English, one class of Advanced ELD (English language learners), and a class where I tutor/help kids pass the High School Exit Exam. I am really scared of trying to do all of this seeing as I am not traditionally an English teacher. The staff at CVHS has been super helpful and supportive, but I cannot help but feel slightly overwhelmed. I know that I'll do a fine job though, but this year is going to be a rough one.
Still I am making a decent amount of money and getting a lot of experience. Also, unless I was teaching World CIvilizations again, I'd have started from scratch making curriculum all over again. I just that I had at least one more week to prepare, because I have found myself feeling so overwhelmed on occasion that I go distract myself for a precious 30mins to avoid feeling overwhelmed. I shall rise to the occasion though, and take it all in stride with a smile.
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