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Random Thoughts

I have been in my new place in Oakland for about a week now. I really like our apartment. It's in great condition, it is HUGE (seriously it's like a decent sized house), and my roommates kick ass. I really like how clean, respectful, and overall nice every is so far. My room is pretty big too, considering I have a full bookcase, queen size bed (no more twin for me!), desk, and coffee table with plenty of room to boot.
Today I find out if I passed the English CSET. I don't think that I did...it was pretty fucking hard and I did not have any time to study for it since I took it while teaching summer school. Still they're trying to find some way to hire me at CVHS. I just want to make enough money every month not to have to freak out constantly. I find out 5PM whether or not I passed.
Nothing much else is going on in my life, but I am sort of OK with that for right now. I am just waiting for school to start again so I can sub, and I'll continue to cater. I am going to try and find another job that starts at about 4 and goes to about 10. I figure that by working three jobs I won't have time to piss away money.
Anyways this is boring as shit to read. Hell, I am bored typing it. Time to hit the shower, pick up an application to sub in Albany, and then play some Condemned.
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