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Give Me Just A Second To Crush Your Two Bit Theories

Well I am done with State for the summer.  My last class left me with the line of "Teaching is the second loneliest profession next to truck driving."   If that is not motivation, I don't know what the Hell is.  I really like being in class and teaching but I feel so much pressure to do well that I am afraid i might burn myself out.  I am glad school is done though.

I went to the Giants and As game on Friday with Ryan and company and saw the Giants got the shit kicked out of them.  I am going again today with my dad and hopefully they won't get swept.  I saw 28 Weeks later with Eric yesterday, and it was really solid.

I am stoaked not being in school but I realize that unless I get this catering job, I am going to have to job hunt for a shitcore summer job, which sucks.  I wish more of my friends lived by me...it's so expensive to drive to Sf or SC...honestly it costs me like $15 bucks every time I go anywhere.

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