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In the Home Stretch

  As of Thursday I will be on summer vacation from San Francisco State.  I cannot wait for the break.  I can go observe more at my school site and even squeeze in a few days of substitute teaching and make a few bucks.  I am looking forward to this in the worst way possible.  I need sometime to recover and gather my wits.  I think I'll drink too much beer this weekend.
    Today was the last day of one of my classes and my friend Martin gave me a rad picture that he took that shows Dan Vapid (founding and lifetime member of Screeching Weasel) watching Joey Vindictive (of the Vindictives) performing with the aforementioned Vindictives circa 1991.  It is awesome and I am going to get it framed...it such a candid shot of early 90's punk, and I am sure these band names mean nothing to anyone else but they mean a lot to me.
    He also gave me Maximumrockinroll's newest comp (he works there) as well as a copy of his bands CD.  I always thought that Martin might be gay, and it turns out he was frontman for the seminal all gay hardcore punk band Limp Wrist (they often had All Bets Off opening for them, but they're much faster, shorter, and punk).  They fucking shred.  The lyrics are extremely offensive (they're pretty graphically gay, even if songs were about straight people they'd bee too much,  but they deal with real issues), but you really can't understand the lyrics and the music is so awesome that I have no complaints.
    Too keep with the theme, Jerry Fallwell died and that rules!  If Heaven is filled with people like him, I'll take Hell any day of the week.
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