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  I went out to dinner with my friend Eric tonight at Buffalo Bill's in Hayward, which is awesome because Eric is a great guy .  Anyways, I ran into a guy there who used to be in a band that opened for our old band No-Direction, named Nick.  So the guys are for the old band, Escape From Grey Skull, are in another band and need a singer and asked if I wanted to play around with them.  I said yes and I hope they pan out to at least a live show.  I don't sing as nasally as before and I think it could be a lot of fun.  I can think of nothing better than being on stage again.  Say what you want about No-Direction's music (and I'll agree), but Evan and I used to put on a fun show.  I got Nick's (the guy from Escape From Grey Skull's) phone number and he got mine...hopefully this pans out!
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