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Home Alone (Kinda Like the Movies)

  My parents left for France for a week today.  This means that I am home alone.  I wish I could have people over this weekend but I don't think I have time.  Also my friend had a party a few weeks ago and he got some shit jacked and I am worried the same would happen at my house (I can see all of my dad's metal soldiers disappearing).  Also I have new neighbors on either side of me, both with two very small children.  I cannot imagine a decent sized group of people (say 20) listening to music lasting very long. 

    I have so much homework and housework to do.  You never realize how much upkeep a whole house with a dog and two cats is until you're the only person and you're trying to take care of everything.  I gotta get up, walk the dog, and get this goddamn assignment done.

    Go Warriors!
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