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  I am bummed out.  My teach for my adolescents class did not go well today.  My part went alright I guess but my partner's part sucked and we did not co-ordinate very well.  We don't get graded upon our performance in this class, but I still hate when my group does shitty.  Maybe we didn't do shitty and I am being too hard on myself...probably.  Who knows?  I am always too hard on myself.  I get worried sometimes that I'll be too hard in myself if I ever get teaching.

  Why do I ever start teaching?.  Well, we talked in one of my classes today about how hard it is for us history teachers for a job.  In fact it is not uncommon to go jobless for years as a history teacher in the Bay Area or LA or anywhere that isn't Bakersfield or Fresno.  I have been told to maybe pass the English CSET because many schools won't take you as a history teacher without it. 
  I am tired and don't feel like going out this weekend.  I feel like I have somehow pissed off some of my friends.  I don't know why I get that feeling, but I do.  I wish I was more cheerful, but I am not feeling it.
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You haven't pissed me off! And I'm sure you would be more than welcome to join Five Second Rule for this summer's reunion tour. (That's the idea of the century right there.)